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Founded in 2008 by Rajnish Shukla, a Chartered Accountant driven by passion and integrity, M/s Shukla Gupta & Arora (SGA) has grown into a team of dedicated professionals led by Mr. Shukla and Mr. Pulkit Arora (who joined in 2013).

Our core mission is to establish ourselves as a trusted advisor and true partner for our clients. We achieve this by providing timely access to highly qualified consulting services, effectively bridging the gap in the business landscape.

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Our Vision

Our long-term vision serves as the foundation of our roadmap. It states our goal as professionals and...

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Our mission

The ultimate goal of the company in all of its professional responsibilities is to uphold the Institute...

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Our Values

SGA's primary goal is to generate long-term value growth via creative fixes and distinctive routes...

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Our Services

Business Services

The relaxed regulatory environment and enhanced ease of doing business in the country are opening up growing opportunities...

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Direct Tax

Tax advisory and advisory services in India by SGA aim to help businesses of all sizes to formulate and implement effective...

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US Inbound Services

If you're considering establishing a business in the US, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable business structure...

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Our CFO Services

Our specialists possess considerable practical experience in delivering IFRS/US GAAP services, comprehensive solutions...

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Corporate Secretarial Services

Compliance and Corporate Governance have become essential standards alongside statutory requirements for full compliance...

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Indirect Tax Services

Assess tax implications for current or proposed business dealings,Examine contracts and agreements to determine GST effects...

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Transforming Challenges into Excellence:
Our Method for Achieving Success
In Five Phases

After nearly years of assisting clients in optimizing their IT processes, we have developed expertise in resolving a variety of intricate issues such as leadership obstacles, project delays, excessive charges, scalability worries, and more. Once we formulate a successful strategy, we will collaborate with you or your team to enact changes through a straightforward method.

Thorough Evaluation

During the initial stage, we engage in a discovery phase. This involves assessing your product and identifying any challenges you may be facing. Whether it's debugging code errors, addressing security vulnerabilities, stabilizing the user interface, or ensuring compliance with App Store guidelines, we will address these issues comprehensively.


Comprehensive Examination

After making the decision to proceed, we allocate time to evaluate the present status of the project. We engage in extensive questioning to ascertain the project's current position, often referred to as "Point A." At this stage, we delve deeper into understanding your objectives and vision, denoted as "Point B." This phase aids in establishing both short and long-term objectives in alignment with the service roadmap. Our approach relies on Service-driven analysis, aiming to exclusively deliver the optimal solution.


Choosing Solutions

Following a comprehensive examination, we offer you a comprehensive overview of all available choices. The selection of appropriate technology and tools is a pivotal aspect of this procedure. This ensures that client involvement remains paramount. For instance, we establish Project Management Systems (PMS), such as ClickUp, to ensure your continuous involvement in every stage of the process, whether it has already been executed or is forthcoming.


Scheduled Execution

This is the crucial phase where strategies are put into action. We adhere to the principle of "Plan the Work, and Work the Plan" to attain success. We break down the project into smaller sprints, each comprising multiple actionable tasks. Our team consistently delivers value throughout the process, aligning with weekly or bi-weekly objectives as execution advances. We prioritize communication, reporting, documentation, and quality assurance at every stage of the project.


Ongoing Optimization

We provide adaptable and convenient support and Solution options tailored to your needs. Allow us to handle keeping your compliance current while you concentrate on scaling your business into a multi-million dollar enterprise.


Industry we Serve

Energy and Renewables
Waste Management
Automotive and EV

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